The Editors welcome articles/items for publication on a wide range of subjects that may be of interest to its readership.

These may be one-off contributions or regular items whether from indivuduals, clubs and societies or organisations.

Submissions must be sent to the Editors preferably attached to an email addressed to There is an Editor e-mail link at the top of this website, or in the CONTACT US page, if that is more convenient than using your own email system.

If you do not receive a response within 24 hours please check the address carefully and send your e-mail again. 

If you are unable to use e-mail, your material may be submitted to Wrights, Estate Agent, 32 Sandford Avenue, Church Stretton SY6 6BW.

What are the deadlines for submitting material?

The deadline for receipt of all submissions by all methods is:

12 noon on the FIRST MONDAY of each month for the following month's edition.

In the event that Monday is a bank holiday, then the deadline is the 12 noon on the FIRST TUESDAY of that month.