The Stretton Focus Community Award Scheme has been successfully supporting the community of the Strettons since 2013. Many individuals and organisations have benefitted from the Scheme during this time.

APPLYING FOR AN AWARD is surprisingly easy. Just follow the simple process below:


Just click on the awards application form link below on this page. Complete the form online and click on the Send button.

PLEASE NOTE that you will NOT receive any confirmation on the website that the form has gone through, but you WILL receive an email confirming that the appliction form has been received and is being assessed. The application is automatically sent by email to members of the Awards Group.

The Awards Group comprises up to five directors of Stretton Focus Ltd and they meet to consider all Applications.

Each applicant is promptly notified when a decision has been reached, regardless of an Award being made or not. Successful applicants will be formally notified as to the amount of the Award and associated conditions (if any), and the arrangements for payment.

All applicants are deemed to have read and agreed to the “Scheme Description and Terms” as set out below:

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The 'Stretton Focus Community Award Scheme' (referred to here as the 'Scheme') is owned and operated by Stretton Focus Limited. It has been established to make monetary awards to a variety of award applicants, with the sole objective of supporting and enhancing the community within the 'Strettons' (Church Stretton, All Stretton and Little Stretton) and Minton.

Applications will be welcomed from, for example: individuals, clubs, societies, schools, churches, local welfare and charitable organisations, local businesses and business 'start-ups'. Individual applicants may come from all age groups with a wide variety of needs and requests.

The minimum amount of an award is £50 and the maximum award is £1,000. Applications outside these limits will not be considered.

Awards will be made to commercial and business applicants ONLY if they are able to demonstrate that they have provided an equal or greater amount of funding for the same purpose. The issue of an award cheque will be dependent on receipt of appropriate evidence that this has been achieved.

Applications will be accepted only if they are made on a completed 'Scheme' Application Form

Awards will be made at the sole discretion of the 'Scheme' without recourse to appeal from the applicant or third parties. The 'Scheme' will not provide reasons to applicants for making an award or for the rejection of an application.

Applicants who are not accepted for an award will be notified in writing to the address provided by them in the Application Form

Awards will be notified in writing to the successful applicants at the address provided by the applicant in the Application Form

Awards will be made by a cheque from Stretton Focus Limited payable to the individual or organisation who is the named beneficiary in the Application Form. The cheque will be attached to the award notification unless it is otherwise agreed by the 'Scheme' to be paid at an alternative time.

The 'Scheme' reserves the right to publish the monetary amount, name of the recipient and purpose of any 'Scheme' award in the pages of the 'Stretton Focus' magazine, but will not publish the bio data of individual applicants, per the requirements of the Data Protection Act.

The 'Scheme' may be closed at any time by 'Stretton Focus Limited'. Any award made prior to closure will be honoured by 'Stretton Focus Limited'.

Stretton Focus Limited, October 2013