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Guidelines for Contributors

Submitting your article

There are two ways to send in your contributions

Electronically – you can submit your article through the website, or email the article (either as part of your email, or as a separate attachment) to

Hard Copy – deliver your article – (by hand or post) to Wright’s Estate Agency in Church Stretton

Guidelines for Contributors Sending Articles by Email

Keep to the copy deadline things that come late will of necessity have less attention from us.

Only send us a final version – it is very difficult when we get multiple requests for us to amend things that you have previously sent in, and we are quite likely to get it wrong.

Give the email that you send to the editorial team, a relevant title (ie one that corresponds to the subject of your article). This will enable us to identify it from other Focus emails, if we need to go back to it. On your computer ‘Focus Article’ may be a helpful title. However, if we have an inbox full of emails all entitled ‘Focus Article’ it is not easy for us to find a specific item!

Save your file (preferably a Word File) with the same title as the article itself - (and then use this as the title of your email message (ie NOT ‘Focus article’)

Don’t put a load of formatting in your article (eg tables). These will only be removed by the editorial team in order to fit into the Focus housestyle.

Send photographs as JPEGs and please ensure that these are reasonable quality if possible (ie at least 1.5 MB)

Do not embed photos as part of the text. Always send these as separate items. 

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