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Journalism Award

Stretton Focus Journalism Award

The Focus Editorial Team would like to present our readers with a special challenge. We'd like you to write a feature article that will strongly engage with our readership. Every month we'll publish one article of high quality from among those we've received. Every sixth month March and September we'll select the best individual article of the six we've published, and present the writer with a Stretton Focus Journalism Award certificate and a prize of 40. The winner will be announced in the next edition of the Focus. Interested? then read on!

What is a Feature Article?

It is an in-depth examination of a particular subject, and is not usually as time-sensitive as a news article. These are just a few examples:

  • A recounting of a personal experience in relation to an event or issue, perhaps including an analysis of the event or issue concerned.

  • An interview with someone in the news in the Strettons..

  • An introduction to a local place of interest, or a place of unusual fascination to the writer.

  • A review of a book or film about the local area.

  • An account of an activity.

It is not hard factual news, but it must be truthful and sincere. It may be serious, but it can also use humour as a powerful technique. It is characterised by the high quality of the writing, and the intelligent expression of one's view of the subject. It concentrates on thoughtful analysis, and is not simply a rhetorical rant on something about which the writer feels extreme emotion.  It usually, but not always, adopts the layout of a standard piece of journalism. Alternatively, it may, as is often the case in journalism nowadays, present material in an unusual way, using diagrams or other graphics. It may of course include accompanying pictures.

Send your completed article as a Word document to Diagrams or graphics, if used, should be supplied in JPEG format.

Your article must be specifically designated as an entry for the Stretton Focus Journalism Award. You must include a statement that the article is completely your own work, apart from any quotations or references which are clearly attributed to their original authors and which you have permission to reproduce and that the article has not been published previously either in print or digitally in any other publication.

By submitting an entry to the competition to the competition you agree to these terms and conditions and that in the event of your article not being chosen as the competition entry for the next issue of the magazine, it will be reconsidered together with the entries for the following month, and may be chosen as the competition entry for that month. If your article is still not selected it will no longer be considered as a competition entry but may be published in the magazine as a general article if the Editorial Team consider it appropriate to do so.

The Stretton Focus Journalism Award is not restricted to people living in the Strettons Area. The content may be focused on the Strettons or be broader in looking beyond the events and geography of the Strettons Area.

The Award can go to a writer of any age, but the writer must be an individual, not a group.

Articles should be between 500 and 1000 words in length, excluding any pictures. This is quite brief and will require discipline and tautness of style. Anything grossly long will not be considered for publication.

The selection of articles for publication as entries in this competition and choice of the winner of a Stretton Focus Journalism Award are entirely at the discretion of the Editorial Team and are final. No correspondence will be entered into as to the merits or otherwise of their decisions.

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