CORONAVIRUS (COVID19) - Stretton Focus Policy

We are all living and adjusting to the reality of Covid19 and have a duty toward our neighbours and ourselves in how we minimise the risks of catching or spreading this potentially deadly virus.

To that end the directors of Stretton Focus have published a Policy on Covid19 that establishes the actions that its volunteer staff must take to minimise the risk of catching the virus and distributing it to colleagues and the public.

The Policy is informed by Government and NHS information and directives and will be updated as necessary. The Policy is staged to reflect the level of perceived risk at any one time.

The safety of our volunteers, our readership and the community is our primary concern.

The Directors, Stretton Focus Limited




  1. GENERALLY Focus Volunteers must follow Government and NHS instruction and guidance in the unlikely event there were to be divergence with this policy document. Instruction to implement this Policy will be issued by the Stretton Focus Chairman on behalf of the board of directors and updated at each stage as the infection develops based on available advice and instruction from Government. The Policy is divided into two stages reflecting prevailing contagion risk levels. The Policy respects the right of the individual to take wider measures and must therefore be viewed as a minimum:

Stage 1 – Guidance for the protection of fellow volunteers and self:

  1. Following the issuing of this policy to all Focus Volunteers, meetings or gathering should be avoided as far as possible with only those attending who are essential to the business of the meeting.
  2. Volunteers with a fever, cough, cold or any kind of respiratory sickness must NOT attend a meeting but follow government rules on informing the NHS through the 111 Health Line and self-isolation.
  3. Volunteers attending meetings must wash their hands prior to attendance and in accordance with NHS guidance.
  4. On Focus business, volunteers will be obliged to use paper tissues and anti-bacterial wipes for personal hygiene and wiping down contact surfaces such as meeting tables, multi-use computers and other surfaces and equipment and in any other common-sense circumstances. This particular virus has a high level of transmission through touch and surface contact.
  5. Volunteers should try to leave a reasonable space between each other when at meetings to minimise the opportunities for infectious transmission.
  6. Focus will either supply paper tissues and wipes at locations it meets at or will pay volunteers for their supply (Finance Director will arrange the reimbursement of these costs in the usual way).
  7. Magazine sales volunteers and distributors must wear gloves when carrying out their roles given the number of surfaces that they touch that are not under their control.

Stage 2 - Mandatory requirements in all volunteers interests:

  1. All Stage 1 policy rules continue to apply except where contradicted by Stage 2 when Stage 2 will prevail.
  2. Focus meetings of all kinds to be banned until further notice.
  3. Editorial staff must communicate by email and telephone and papers, if necessary, distributed by post or by hand through the letterbox.
  4. Only one production member to be present at any one time during the production process (this happens most of the time currently). Computer equipment and other used surfaces to be sanitized before and after use.
  5. Magazine final review (“putting-to-bed”) to be done only as necessary and remotely. The “proof reading” team and activity to be postponed pending the cancellation of this instruction, unless the ingenuity of the volunteers finds way to continue this activity without meeting.
  6. Board activity to be undertaken remotely by email, telephone or conference call.

Policy Clarifications:

Clarifications will be issued to Volunteers if and when it is apparent there are relevant differences between Focus Policy and Government or NHS instruction/advice.

Policy Cancellation:

Volunteers will be notified by the Chairman on behalf of the Board when this Policy or a Policy Stage is terminated.


The Directors, Stretton Focus Limited, March 2020