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The Cover Process

The front cover of the Stretton Focus is planned several months ahead and where possible, is of a local scene or theme. A majority of the photographs are taken a year or so in advance to allow for the changing seasons. Sometimes a picture is made up of several layers of different subjects, backgrounds or colours, and occasionally, certain objects are cloned out, all done to make the cover look more attractive.

Our photographs have to be of a high quality or resolution and taken in portrait orientation. The main subject of the picture needs to be in the lower two thirds to allow space for the Masthead. Christmas and Easter themes are suggested by one of our local Churches, and July by the Arts Festival.

We are always looking for something different so if you have any high resolution, portrait orientation pictures of sport, a future event, or anything a little different, please let the Editors see them, but bear in mind that the covers are planned 3-6 months in advance.

Editor's Pasteboard

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