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The information in these web pages is designed to help readers and contributors to understand how Stretton Focus works and what the various personnel members do each month.  Each web page will concentrate on one aspect of production beginning with this brief overview of the process as a whole.

The first thing that happens for each month's Stretton Focus magazine is the selection of a photograph and caption for the cover by the cover editor; this selection is then confirmed by the editors.  Next comes the compiling of the content of the magazine.  This process starts with contributors and advertisers, without whom there would be no magazine.  Our advertisers, both regular and occasional, send their copy to the advertising manager, who fills the various pages with the advertisements, which bring in much-needed, regular income.

Contributors provide the main content of the magazine and this comes to the editors either via the web site or via email.  The various items are then worked on by the team of editors, who come together a few days later to decide what is to go into the magazine and on which pages.  By this time everything is in electronic form and ready for the computer team who, during the following week, turn the list of items and pages into the final layout of the magazine.  Before the magazine goes to be printed however, the proof reading team swings into action, ensuring that are errors are minimised and that everything looks as good as possible.  The "Focus" is now ready to be printed and the electronic version of the magazine is sent to the printers.

This electronic version is ready to be printed without any further work by the printers, thus saving costs.  The firm we use, the Welshpool Printing Group, also bundles up the printed magazines with the appropriate number of copies needed by each distributor for his or her delivery round.  These labelled bundles are then delivered to several distribution points around Church Stretton.

One final point, every single member of the Stretton Focus team provides his or her services on an entirely voluntary basis. 

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