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Editorial Process

Stage 1 – Copy comes in

Each month about 70 items of news, comment and general interest are sent to the editorial team. Many of these come through the  Stretton Focus email system, which enables all the editors to see them as they arrive.  As those who have contributed know, we try to respond to everyone who emails

Stage 2 – Allocating the copy for editing

On the day of the deadline, the editors get together and decide who will be responsible for each item. Electronic documents are then put into a standard format having the same font, type size and column width and consistent formats for things like numbers and dates and saved as Microsoft Word documents. This enables the editors to work out how much can be fitted into the magazine as a whole. Each editor then puts his or her items onto a memory stick.

Stage 3 – Laying it all out

The next task is to decide what goes onto which page, whether there is room for everything, and how much space to allocate to photographs. This generally takes a whole morning at a subsequent meeting, with items being moved around to try to make interesting pages which have the right amount on them. If there is too much copy, which often happens priority is given to regular features as well as anything which is time-sensitive, such as forthcoming events and local news. We do not accept poems, fiction, personal thanks or anything illegal or libellous. Once all the pages are complete everything goes to the computer team so that they can start work.

What is it like to be an editor?

All the editors thoroughly enjoy the contact with contributors, the interaction with other members of the Focus team, and the sense of being ‘in the know’! It can get very busy when things come in all together just before the deadline.

Editor's Pasteboard

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