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Editorial Policy

1 Purpose

The purpose of “Stretton Focus” magazine (‘the Magazine”) is to enhance the feeling of community within the “Strettons” by publishing information, articles, reports and notices (“Editorial Content”) that inform, entertain or relate to the community and the individuals and organisations within it.

2 Principles

2.1 The Magazine is non sectarian and apolitical and seeks to ensure that within its pages all members of the community are treated equally regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief or absence thereof or ethnic origin.

2.2 The Editors will endeavour in each edition of the Magazine to provide its readership with a balanced variety of Editorial Content to make the Magazine appeal to as many people as possible within the community.

2.3 The Magazine relies on written submissions (“Submissions”)from members of the community (“Contributors”) for the Editorial Content of the Magazine and anyone may submit material for publication. The Editors will seek to include Submissions in a future edition of the Magazine provided always that it is in the absolute discretion of the Editors considered to be relevant and of interest to the readership.

2.4 The Editors will always endeavour to include the following items:- Church Voices; Focus On Faith; Letters; What’s On; Town Council Matters; Articles from the School Journalists.

2.5 The Editors will favour the inclusion of:-

  • Items of general interest from regular Contributors such as:-  Council Matters; Recipes; Gardening Advice; Mayfair Lottery; Police Report

  • News of forthcoming events and reports on events which have taken place

  • Reports on the activities of local organisations, clubs and societies

  • Items of local interest – local history, local natural history,

2.6 Whilst the Editors will give serious consideration to the inclusion in the Magazine of all the Submissions received falling within items 2.4 and 2.5 above they will also have due regard for the overriding principle set out in section 2.2 above and the limitations of the space available.

2.7 Submissions received by the Magazine shall be subject to the editing process and may be amended by the omission of parts of the Submission or by correcting any errors in spelling grammar and punctuation subject always to the Editors using their best endeavours not to alter the intent purpose and meaning of the original Submission.

2.8 The Editors reserve the right to place within or in close proximity to any Submission any photograph illustration or graphic depiction that they consider to be appropriate or which in their sole discretion enhances comments on or draws attention to the Submission.

2.9 The Cover Editors are responsible for selecting sourcing formatting and producing an appropriate front cover.

2.10 The Editors and technical team shall have sole discretion as to the lay out of the magazine

2.11 No Submission will be included in the Magazine if it (in the absolute discretion of the Editors):

  • is defamatory in nature

  • promotes endorses or encourages illegal behaviour

  • incites violence, hatred or intolerance towards any person or persons

  • contains language that is vulgar or profane or is written in such a way that it is not practicable or possible for the Editors to make it fit for publication.

  • has already appeared either in whole or in part or with substantially the same content in a previous edition of the Magazine

2.12 As guidance to Contributors the Editors will not as a general rule accept Editorial Content falling into the following categories:

  • Creative writing such as poems and short stories

  • Obituaries

  • Party political Submissions

  • Articles advertising or promoting goods or services whether directly or indirectly

This does not limit or restrict the authority of the Editors to publish any Editorial Content which in their absolute discretion discharges or fulfills the purposes of the magazine as set out in Clause 1 of this Editorial Policy.

3 Interpretation and Application

3.1 Headings and titles in this policy are for identification and reference only

3.2 This policy shall be kept under review and the shall be published on the Stretton Focus Limited website and will be available to any Contibutor or potential Contributor upon the Editors receiving by email a request for the same.

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