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Distribution Process

Each month the 70 or so members of the Distribution Team deliver the Focus magazine to all those people who have subscribed to the magazine.

The printing company in Welshpool bundles up the magazine with the appropriate number of copies needed for each distributor for his or her delivery round.  These labelled bundles are then delivered to several distribution points around Church Stretton from which each distributor collects his or her set of magazines for delivery.

There will be changes (new subscribers, people moving house, etc.) which must be made to the computerised database held by the distribution manager.

So, on it goes.  Each month the process is the same but the challenges are a little bit different and that's what keeps it exciting! By the way, you probably already know, but we're always looking for new distributors. So if you would consider being part of the team please phone Richard Carter (Distribution Manager) on 01694 724106.

Distributing Focus- the Final Link

One of the things which makes Stretton Focus unique for a publication of its size is the army of people who bring it to you each month. About 70 distributors are involved each month in popping it through your letter box. This they do in all weathers to make sure you get your copy as soon as possible.  The number of magazines that each distributor has varies enormously.  Currently, the smallest round comprises just 4 deliveries while the largest one sees the delivery of 41 copies.  Often, of course, the 'round' is in the distributor's own street, but in many cases people have volunteered to deliver in an area quite different from the one in which they live. The nett result is that this amazing group of volunteers ensure that more than 1,100 copies are delivered throughout the Strettons each month.

If you currently have your copy of Focus delivered in this way, you could help your distributor by having your annual subscription ready for collection when he or she comes calling in December/January - this is the part of the job they do not particularly like!

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